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Choir Practice

September 18, 2012

Conductor: Dexter. Choir, from left to right, Hunter, Madeleine, Triskit, Yuki

Heeding the call of the sirens. Police sirens, fire sirens, ambulance sirens, they all speak to the inner wolf and must be answered!

Hunter. Dude.

September 18, 2012

Dude! Grab some floor and chill!


Hey man. Hunter here. Or there. Wherever.

So anyway, the peeps here are totally tubular, you know what I mean? No, really, like a lot of them are kinda like sausage dogs, right? Sometimes they run right under me, it’s hilarious. But they’re cool, for short dudes.

The toys are pretty rad. Lots of rope toys to unravel and squeak toys to shred and silence. It’s all good.

Oh, and like, at home, I sleep in a crate, right? So here, guess what? I get a crate just like at home! SO COOL. And the food? Just like at home! I don’t know how Nancy does it!

So maybe I’ll see you here sometime. L8R.


Zazu, Social Butterfly

September 18, 2012

Dahlink, how nice of you to drop in!


So marvelous to meet you! My name is Zazu, and I’ll be your hostess today. Yes, yes, Triskit is the official HOST, but really, wouldn’t you rather I show you around? For, you know, the Princess Touch, as it were?

Of course you would. Well, as you can see there are lots of comfortable places to lounge, and the linens are changed regularly so no one gets bored with the color scheme. Yes, I suppose it’s also so things stay CLEAN, but really, the visual impact is what really matters, don’t you find?

Everything is very, how shall I put it, catch-as-catch-can, generally. But if you ask very sweetly, you can reserve your own private nook to retire to whenever the hustle and bustle are just too much. I always get the same room, with my own pink pee pad right outside. Very convenient. Yes, of course I can go potty outdoors, but in the middle of the night? In the rain? Don’t be ridiculous.

And then Madeleine said to Joey, well, I’m not sure I can repeat it, but trust me, you would be scandalized!

I’m happy to say that all the boys are gentlemen here, and the girls are ladies.* Such a relief. Sometimes the play gets a bit boisterous for my taste, but it’s all good fun.

Oh, going already? Well, do stop by again soon!


*i.e. all our guests are neutered.


Dexter, Gentleman Caller

September 18, 2012

Look into my eyes and tell me all about yourself.


My name is Dexter, and I consider myself an amiable fellow. There’s generally a lovely bunch of dogs at Nancy’s house … I run as fast as I can from the car to get to the door and see who is in residence at the moment.

Among the things I like about this bed-and-breakfast are, well, the bed. (And the breakfast.) I sleep up near the pillows, usually. Sometimes on a fluffy baby blanket designated for my personal use. Often right next to Triskit, only sometimes he’s under the covers while I’m on top. It all works out. And at mealtimes I get my own kibble with a lovely bit of chicken jerky on top, just the way I like it.

Triskit is a good sport about letting me flirt with all the girls. I’ll play with the fellows, too, but I DO like the ladies! And if I do say so myself, they like me pretty well, too.

Speaking of successful flirting, Nancy is very helpful with keeping up appearances. Every day I get my ears and tail combed, and my teeth brushed. Wouldn’t want to offend, you understand.


Joey, Bon Vivant

September 18, 2012

Yes, I realize I’ve got a piece of lettuce in my fur. It’s a bit of chlorophyll dental chew, if you must know. I value oral hygiene.

Hi! I’m Joey! I come to visit Triskit and the gang a LOT! At home I live with cats, and what I love about this place is that I get to be a DOG! I get to be TOP DOG! Because I am LARGE and IN CHARGE!

See how much bigger I am than Madeleine? She is a TINY dog, if you ask me!

But it’s not all about pack hierarchy. It’s about the overall quality of one’s guest experience. In addition to the PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY that I enjoy during my stays with Nancy, I also revel in moments of peace and contemplation.

Oh, and snacks.

I feel a sunbeam, and I pause for thought.

The menu chez Nancy has real depth and sophistication. There’s kibble, of course. Healthy, but with little chewy bits. I like those the best, so I always set aside the crunchy niblets for my pack to share after I’ve had FIRST DIBS AS THE BIGGEST DOG HERE. Because, remember, I am enormous.

*Editor’s Note: Joey’s corporeal self tips the scales at about 6 pounds. The full force of his personality has yet to be adequately measured … we just don’t have the technology!

I think … I think … I think I’d like a little nosh.

Magnolia, Queen of All She Surveys

September 13, 2012

My name is Magnolia, and to be honest, I don’t know why my mom brings me here to stay. The Luxury Care Provider, Nancy … she’s fine. She microwaves my food and keeps the treats coming and provides full lap and bed-pillow priority access. But what’s with the DOGS? Am I supposed to play with them? Really? What’s the point, exactly? Okay, Madeleine lets me borrow her dresses and sweaters when mine get wet or dirty (even though her style is a little too sporty for me). And Triskit DOES back me up when I’m telling off the UPS guy. And on a brisk evening I do enjoy a little furry snuggling on the sofa while we watch Masterpiece Theatre. My mom always tells me how glad SHE is that she knows I’m safe, such wonderful peace of mind, I seem so relaxed and content, blah blah blah. Whatever. Just ring when it’s dinner time.

Madeleine, Girl Genius

September 11, 2012

Hi, I’m Madeleine. Maddie, or Mads, for short. I’m Triskit’s Girl Friday, because I spend a LOT of time with him and Nancy. Before you ask, yes, I have one blue eye. Nancy says it’s my magic eye the fairies gave me. I let her believe this … I’m not sure she’s bright enough to understand about recessive genes, and her story makes her happy. Here’s what I like best about her pet care business: every day is different. You never know who’s going to be part of the pack each day, but everyone is friendly and cool.

The toy bin usually has something new in it, too. So it’s relaxed, but it’s not boring. We play, we sleep, we snack. I get my ears and tail brushed out. Sometimes a few of us have a field trip to the beauty parlor, or we take a walk. In the evenings we usually watch TV. I push for the documentaries, but Nancy DOES love her sitcoms. (Sigh) And the bed is really comfy, just like home, and I have my own pillow because that’s how I like to sleep. Check us out! I’m looking for someone to play chess with…