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Zazu, Social Butterfly

September 18, 2012

Dahlink, how nice of you to drop in!


So marvelous to meet you! My name is Zazu, and I’ll be your hostess today. Yes, yes, Triskit is the official HOST, but really, wouldn’t you rather I show you around? For, you know, the Princess Touch, as it were?

Of course you would. Well, as you can see there are lots of comfortable places to lounge, and the linens are changed regularly so no one gets bored with the color scheme. Yes, I suppose it’s also so things stay CLEAN, but really, the visual impact is what really matters, don’t you find?

Everything is very, how shall I put it, catch-as-catch-can, generally. But if you ask very sweetly, you can reserve your own private nook to retire to whenever the hustle and bustle are just too much. I always get the same room, with my own pink pee pad right outside. Very convenient. Yes, of course I can go potty outdoors, but in the middle of the night? In the rain? Don’t be ridiculous.

And then Madeleine said to Joey, well, I’m not sure I can repeat it, but trust me, you would be scandalized!

I’m happy to say that all the boys are gentlemen here, and the girls are ladies.* Such a relief. Sometimes the play gets a bit boisterous for my taste, but it’s all good fun.

Oh, going already? Well, do stop by again soon!


*i.e. all our guests are neutered.


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