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Joey, Bon Vivant

September 18, 2012

Yes, I realize I’ve got a piece of lettuce in my fur. It’s a bit of chlorophyll dental chew, if you must know. I value oral hygiene.

Hi! I’m Joey! I come to visit Triskit and the gang a LOT! At home I live with cats, and what I love about this place is that I get to be a DOG! I get to be TOP DOG! Because I am LARGE and IN CHARGE!

See how much bigger I am than Madeleine? She is a TINY dog, if you ask me!

But it’s not all about pack hierarchy. It’s about the overall quality of one’s guest experience. In addition to the PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY that I enjoy during my stays with Nancy, I also revel in moments of peace and contemplation.

Oh, and snacks.

I feel a sunbeam, and I pause for thought.

The menu chez Nancy has real depth and sophistication. There’s kibble, of course. Healthy, but with little chewy bits. I like those the best, so I always set aside the crunchy niblets for my pack to share after I’ve had FIRST DIBS AS THE BIGGEST DOG HERE. Because, remember, I am enormous.

*Editor’s Note: Joey’s corporeal self tips the scales at about 6 pounds. The full force of his personality has yet to be adequately measured … we just don’t have the technology!

I think … I think … I think I’d like a little nosh.

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