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Dexter, Gentleman Caller

September 18, 2012

Look into my eyes and tell me all about yourself.


My name is Dexter, and I consider myself an amiable fellow. There’s generally a lovely bunch of dogs at Nancy’s house … I run as fast as I can from the car to get to the door and see who is in residence at the moment.

Among the things I like about this bed-and-breakfast are, well, the bed. (And the breakfast.) I sleep up near the pillows, usually. Sometimes on a fluffy baby blanket designated for my personal use. Often right next to Triskit, only sometimes he’s under the covers while I’m on top. It all works out. And at mealtimes I get my own kibble with a lovely bit of chicken jerky on top, just the way I like it.

Triskit is a good sport about letting me flirt with all the girls. I’ll play with the fellows, too, but I DO like the ladies! And if I do say so myself, they like me pretty well, too.

Speaking of successful flirting, Nancy is very helpful with keeping up appearances. Every day I get my ears and tail combed, and my teeth brushed. Wouldn’t want to offend, you understand.


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