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Sabre, the Wonder Dog

September 11, 2012

My name is Sabre, and I’ve been coming for daycare and overnights with Avec Moi Pet Care for over 4 years. Here’s the main thing I like about this place: It’s restful. At home, I worry about my family. And the mail man. And squirrels. Plus my human sister is adorable and sweet, but, well … I call her “The Noisy.” I also go to work with my Dad several days a week, and I’m proud to be a Doogle. But it’s WORK, after all! So, at Nancy’s house, I sleep. On the bed. On my favorite chair. Outside in a sunny spot. I usually get up for a mid-afternoon snack, and then it’s time for another relaxing snooze. Let the other dogs fret about whatever … me, I’m resting up so I can be a good Guard Dog and Chief Worrywart when I go home.

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