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Madeleine, Girl Genius

September 11, 2012

Hi, I’m Madeleine. Maddie, or Mads, for short. I’m Triskit’s Girl Friday, because I spend a LOT of time with him and Nancy. Before you ask, yes, I have one blue eye. Nancy says it’s my magic eye the fairies gave me. I let her believe this … I’m not sure she’s bright enough to understand about recessive genes, and her story makes her happy. Here’s what I like best about her pet care business: every day is different. You never know who’s going to be part of the pack each day, but everyone is friendly and cool.

The toy bin usually has something new in it, too. So it’s relaxed, but it’s not boring. We play, we sleep, we snack. I get my ears and tail brushed out. Sometimes a few of us have a field trip to the beauty parlor, or we take a walk. In the evenings we usually watch TV. I push for the documentaries, but Nancy DOES love her sitcoms. (Sigh) And the bed is really comfy, just like home, and I have my own pillow because that’s how I like to sleep. Check us out! I’m looking for someone to play chess with…

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